Eco Reserve Avalon

Eco Reserve Avalon

My dream is to preserve, manage, protect, and create on a piece of land in collaboration with nature. An Eco Reserve in France, where everything that lives is treated with respect. Where visitors come to taste or stay longer, to experience, learn, and find inspiration.

A place where coexistence is based on a healthy ecosystem. Where there is peace and space, as well as satisfaction from daily preservation, management, and creation work. Where there is no stress, but the natural rhythm of nature is followed. Where sharing and exchanging are central. Also with the immediate surroundings and anyone interested.

This project is literally and figuratively down to earth. Every human has the task of taking care of the earth. My intention is to create something completely different in a society where combating climate change should be a key topic, but where world leaders fail scandalously, where we have forgotten how to respectfully interact with all living things, and where we have become accustomed to the ‘order today, deliver tomorrow’ principle, even when it comes to food.

Caring for a piece of land. A model place that shows that as humanity, we can live with a much lower footprint. Where we move forward in time by returning to nature. Simply comfortable, because technology is not there for nothing. The goal is to combine this in such a way that instead of plundering, we contribute.

The project can be self-sustaining from the start, as it already provides many facilities that guarantee income. Additionally, conscious and sustainable management of the environment needs to be created.

For both the purchase of the project and the development of the range of products and services, an additional financial sum is required, which can be easily raised. After all, only 20,000 people are needed, each donating 10.00, or 2,000 people donating 100.00, or another combination.

The fact is, EVERY CONTRIBUTION HELPS to purchase and start this project in the short term.

What will your donation be used for?
  • Purchase of the project with buildings and land/forest
  • Restoration/construction/furnishing of residential units. Residential units can be placed separately or be part of the existing buildings.
  • Accommodation for visitors/guests
  • Planting and construction, including necessary materials/equipment, of an organic orchard, vegetable, herb, and flower garden, and fields to preserve/stimulate biodiversity.
  • Welcoming animals that make a significant contribution to the management and preservation of the ecosystem, and all accompanying animal needs/animal housing.
  • Setting up central areas for eating, cooking, washing, and processing everything that comes from the land, including necessary materials.
  • Sustainable energy, heating, and water supply, including associated systems such as rainwater collection and recycling systems.
  • Establishment of educational programs and seminars to share about collaboration with nature in the broadest sense of the word and provide tools for those who want to participate.
  • Development of a house brand, the setup of a workshop/store, staff, and everything else involved.
  • Promotion and marketing activities to make the project known to as wide an audience as possible.
The location

The arrows are aimed at a fantastic place with an ideal mix of possibilities, located in Haute-Garonne, in the south of France.

To achieve this, an ADDITIONAL base amount of AT LEAST € 200,000 is needed.

That’s why I hope for your contribution and you can do this by:

  • Making a donation yourself
  • Encouraging people to support and donate to this project. Can you help me with that by sharing this page?
  • Are you part of or do you know a company that would like to invest in my project? Let me know so that we can brainstorm about a solution (money/material/labor) that benefits both parties.

Of course, you will be kept informed about the progress of the project. You can come and stay yourself and/or expect products from the land to be sent to you, in proportion to your contribution. So, you donate in money, but you will also receive something in return in the long term.

Would you like to contribute (financially) and help preserve a piece of land?

Thank you very much in advance!

Karen Bos

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